Locked.Amsterdam will remain opened for families only, as long as the measures from the Dutch government apply. Nevertheless we take the following measures:
  1. The amount of time slots are lessened and spread evenly throughout the day. This means that the host has plenty of time to thoroughly clean the room in between the games and that there will never be two different groups in the building simultaneously.
  2. We all follow the precautionary measures:
    • All players wash their hands before entering the room.
    • We keep distance to each other (>1.5m).
    • People with respiratory complaints, or any other signs of reduced physical health, won’t be allowed. These people will receive a full refund.
    • Gamemasters with any of these signs will of course also stay home.
    • We thoroughly clean / disinfect the room after every game.
    • In the rooms there will be disinfectant available.
  3. If there is any doubt at any point in time we offer the possibility to reschedule free of charge.
  4. We also offer ‘the submarine’ in a very unique way as a digital experience, using a 360 degree videostream. So stay home while still enjoying our game!
Corona virus infoCorona virus info