Nothing is what it seems in this unique escape room. The ingenious puzzles and surprisingly technical ingenuity creates a truly unforgettable experience.


Experience the thrill and adrenaline working your way through your quest. Only with the utmost concentration, creativity and teamwork you’ll succeed in this breathtaking adventure.


Immerse yourself in the exciting world of Locked.Amsterdam. The atmosphere, the set and storyline fuse perfectly. You can see the passion that went into building these rooms in every detail.

The Submarine

Start in journalist Hugo Laanen’s abandoned office and solve the mystery of the missing Sovjet-submarine

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2 - 6 players
90 minutes

The Liebermann Conspiracy

Thwart the mighty Liebermann family and prevent chaos and misery

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2- 6 players
90 minutes

LockedDown: The Submarine in Live 360° Video

Times have changed. The only place you’re safe now is at your own home. So fetch yourself a drink, start your computer and turn your screen into a real escaperoom! Our highly rated game ‘The Submarine’ has been transformed to host you and your friends in, while safely being at home.  Login with up to […]

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2 - 6 players
75 minutes
Book from €19 per person
  • As fellow escape game owners, we can be somewhat picky about what we think works well and what doesn’t. Without giving anything away, this is one of the best rooms we have played. […] Can’t recommend this game highly enough, thoroughly immersive game! All credit to your room

    - Jack on Facebook
  • Beautiful escape room with a very engaging story and amazing technical details. The puzzles fit perfectly into the storyline and are inventive and original. We have done great escape rooms in Canada, but this one is definitely among the best. Also appreciate that it can be played entirely in English! Impressive, fun and highly recommended.

    - Rosa on Facebook
  • Amazing experience. The story and the equipment are very well thought of, you get really immersed in the theme. You progress step by step and excitement is not reduced during the game.

    - Haris on Facebook
  • This was by definitely the best escape room I have been to so far. It was also my experienced, escape room worker friend’s favorite out of the many she has tried. The puzzles were very unique and creative, and the logic was easy to follow, but still challenging. There were some great elements where teamwork was very handy as well. The story is fantastic and adds a lot to the overall experience.

    - Tristan on Facebook
  • Truly outstanding escape room. The design of the puzzles is remarkable, with a huge attention to detail and really amazing tech. The owner/designer is an incredibly passionate and talented guy and went out of his way to create an EXPERIENCE. In this room everything makes sense, everything is consistent with the story – It was perfect.

    - Robert on Facebook

The ideal group activity

Visiting Amsterdam

Make something really special of your visit to Amsterdam. Explore the city and one of its best escape rooms.


You arrive






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Locked.Amsterdam will remain opened for families only, as long as the measures from the Dutch government apply. Nevertheless we take the following measures:
  1. The amount of time slots are lessened and spread evenly throughout the day. This means that the host has plenty of time to thoroughly clean the room in between the games and that there will never be two different groups in the building simultaneously.
  2. We all follow the precautionary measures:
    • All players wash their hands before entering the room.
    • We keep distance to each other (>1.5m).
    • People with respiratory complaints, or any other signs of reduced physical health, won’t be allowed. These people will receive a full refund.
    • Gamemasters with any of these signs will of course also stay home.
    • We thoroughly clean / disinfect the room after every game.
    • In the rooms there will be disinfectant available.
  3. If there is any doubt at any point in time we offer the possibility to reschedule free of charge.
  4. We also offer ‘the submarine’ in a very unique way as a digital experience, using a 360 degree videostream. So stay home while still enjoying our game!
Covid-19 infoCovid-19 info